i can’t just turn this on.  i’ m   n o t   l i k e   y o u   g u y s .
i don’t have claws, or glowing eyes or super senses.

           i  j u s t   h a v e  … v o i c e s   i n   m y   h e a d.


listen if you want to join a small group rp with a chill group of people where activity isn’t a problem and we don’t give a fuck how many characters you want to play if you want to play 1 or 5 or 10 we just want to focus on character development and relationships then hit me up i’m tired of people saying ‘i want this’ and then not actually approaching people who have it about it. we’re really chill guys and i promise you won’t regret it??? for real.


damn girl you must have 67 protons because you a Ho


character psd "jennifer" // sydneyofrps
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  • Fonts are Violation and
  • Gradient, by normaniofrp, can be found here.
  • Textures are from deviantart! I don’t have the link(s) unfortunately, sorry.
Hey, so this is a new character PSD - it’s pretty simple; you just need to use some clipping mask for the gifs. However if any questions or complications, message me! Download here and here.


the deeper you go the bluer the water gets


Font pack for windows/mac made by holepsds 

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Admiration Pains | So Lonely | Olho de Boi | Dragon is Coming | Porcelain | Lydia Puente | Wiegel Lalein | Some Weatz

COLD BLOODED, COLD HEARTED — a mix for the girls you’ll never see coming, who’ll kiss you til you can’t think straight then rob you blind and leave you on the sidewalk — [LISTEN]

Nina Dobrev attends the Elie Saab show as part of Paris Fashion Week. (July 9)

  • LONDONPS. 302  ||  download :: cl
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i want a plot where char a has a crush on their big bro’s best friend and vice versa but they try to keep it a secret bc it’s weird y’know and they sneak around a lot mAYBE THEY GET CAUGHT OR SOMETHn yeah

By Pierrick Jegou


I don’t even know what happened, I - Okay. So I messed around with photoshop after I got it work again and made this, I’m not even sure if this is a character psd sighs. The only custom font used was COUTURE, and the gradient was made by zoeofrphs. This is easily customizable unlike my first (lol), so yeah. Please like/reblog if you’re using, downloading, or just want to share it.

Download it here.


10. 'PRIMADONNA' by cocoofrps
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